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Cryotherapy Videos

Cryotherapy Videos

Whole-body cryotherapy uses nitrogen to lower your skin surface temperature by 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit over a period of two-three minutes.. Below are several cryotherapy videos to help you learn more about how cryotherapy works and the benefits a treatment can give you.

Dr. Oz Demonstrates Whole Body Cryotherapy

5 Things to Know About Cryotherapy

The Doctors TV Show featuring Whole Body Cryotherapy

Wholebody Cryotherapy Benefits

Informational Video by Impact Cryotherapy

Bryan LifePointe Health: Client Testimonial

Bryan LifePointe is a medically based health, wellness and fitness center. Shawn Hamilton shares her health journey and how cryotherapy at Bryan LifePointe has helped her recover and rejuvenate after workouts.

James Shield Discusses Cryotherapy and Cyro Shield