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Cryo Clinic FAQs

Cryo Clinic FAQs

Is Cryotherapy covered by insurance?
  • No, in the United States cryotherapy cannot be covered by insurance though in Europe it is.
What do I need to bring for a treatment session?
  • Bring yourself. Women can receive treatment while completely nude, while men must have dry boxers/briefs to wear during their sessions. If you feel uncomfortable with the lack of clothing, clients may wear a t-shirt, shorts, or the robe as long as no metal or elastic are present. We provide mandatory socks, gloves, and booties.
How long is a session? Do I have to go the full time?
  • A session is a maximum of 3 minutes. Our staff will set the session for 3 minutes every time. If you would like to stop early, the session can be ended at any time. We have our staff set the full 3 minutes because some people make it to the 2 minutes and then want to keep going.
Is the nitrogen gas dangerous?
  • Nitrogen can be dangerous with extensive direct exposure. Our staff is trained with the nitrogen and can handle any situation as well as guide you as necessary. If directly touched, liquid nitrogen can burn the skin, with our machine however, you are exposed to the cold nitrogen vapors which are diluted with air as well. Nitrogen displaces oxygen, which means if you breathe in too much of the gas, it can result in passing out. Our staff will adjust the machine to suit your height and continually remind you to keep your chin up and out of the gas.
Do your employees use cryotherapy?
  • Our employees have all used cryotherapy, some more than others and therefore have a better understanding of what a session entails.
How will I feel after a session?
  • Individuals typically warm up within 1-2 minutes, or by the time they finish getting dressed. We often hear that it takes slightly longer for the “meatier” parts of the body to warm up (such as the thighs and buttocks).
  • People experience different effects from the therapy, some people get a rush of energy throughout the day, others get extremely tired and get the best sleep of their life.
  • Usually, clients experience a noticeable reduction in pain and soreness within the first 24 hours.
What is the optimal treatment course for lasting results?
  • We typically recommend coming 3 times within 7-10 days. After that we recommend coming once a week or every other week for pain/inflammation maintenance.
Where did whole body cryotherapy start?
  • WBC began in Japan as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. WBC has been studied all over Europe, and it’s way to the United States.
How cold does the session get?
  • At Cryo Clinic of the Midwest, our chamber has three different levels. Everyone begins at a Level 1 which gets to -135°F. If a client takes frequent ice baths or builds a tolerance for that coldness through numerous sessions, they may continue to graduate levels. Our Level 2 session gets to approx. -166°F, and our Level 3 can drop all the way to around -200°F.
Who is cryotherapy a viable option for?
  • Cryotherapy is great for individuals suffering from chronic pain, muscle soreness, athletes, and those interested in whole-body wellness.


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