Cryo Clinic’s Cryotherapy


Using nitrogen to eliminate pain!

Cryotherapy, a centuries-old practice, uses cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. Modern whole-body cryotherapy stimulates the same rejuvenating and refreshing benefits at a whole new level of cold, reaching temperatures as low as -120 Celsius (-184ºF) in just three minutes!

What to Expect When You Arrive

Walking into our newly renovated Cryo Clinic, you will be greeted by one of our friendly team members. They will ask how they can help you, answer your questions, and set you up with the right package for you. You will then be asked to sign a waiver and escorted to a dressing room. In the dressing room you will remove all of your clothing and jewelry (men are required to wear dry boxers/briefs) and put on a pair of provided socks, gloves, cryo-shoes, and our lush robe. You will then meet a team member in the Chamber Room to have your height measured for the CryoSauna.

Once the CryoSauna is Pre-Cooled you will step in, take off the robe, and your three minutes will fly by. Our team will talk to you throughout the entire process and help to distract you from the -135°F or colder conditions. Remember to bring your phone or camera to catch evidence that you survived the CryoSauna for your Facebook friends to see. Don’t forget to tag us!

When your session is over, you will put your robe back on and change in your dressing room. You will be warmed up, (for the most part), by the time you finish changing. You will then come back around front where we will be there to thank you for your business. It’s just that simple, and the entire process takes less than 20 minutes.”

We hope to see you soon!